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Dear Esteemed Customers,

Allah the Almighty tells us of His kindness towards His servants that, He makes it easy for them to use ships to serve their interests, seeking His bounty through trade between one region and another. All praises and honors to Allah SWT, Who enabled us to establish MAIF to serve you and a long term personal, friendly business relationship is leading.

The journey of a thousand miles must begin with a single step, take that step, contact us and select us as your logistic service provider.

Thank you for choosing M.A. International Forwarders as your business partner and looking forward for your regular support.

Muhammad Emal Wardak
Chairman & CEO

Head Office:
M.A. International Forwarders

Galadari Plaza, Radisson Blu Hotel,
Office No. 11-E, Opp Union Station,
Baniyas Road,Deira,P.O Box-186025 Dubai , UAE.

+971 4 2945229
+971 2 2945230

Contact Person:
Mr. Muhammad Emal Wardak Mobile/Viber/WhatsApp 00971558511022

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